Theming design and concepts

Breaking the mold in techniques of theming design and construction, from the initial conceptual design we implement our workflow and experience to reflect the construction outcomes of each project. We can assist with design schedules and calculations of each exhibit to fit within project budgets right from the conceptual stage.This reduces the change in scope through the complete project and maximises the overall efficiency for all involved.


  • Creating digital concepts sketches to simply portray the design intent to the client.

  • Implement 3d modelling techniques and exhibit assets into a real world scaled environment.

  • Every 3D model, at scale and completely customised to suit each exhibit.

  • Individual coral species, created as 3D models, referenced from selected manufactures stock lists.


  • Complete calculations of each exhibits rock formations based from our concept designs.

  • Quantity schedules of each exhibit

  • 3D views created to maintain clarity of overall floor levels and design.

  • Liaise with external consultants and tweak 3d models to suit any aquatic life support systems required.


  • Architectural design drawings, which include elevations, sectional views and top views within a presentation.

  • Scaled dimension drawings of the exhibit.

  • 3D print ready models for the use of site referencing during actual construction of each exhibit.

The example below indicates just some of the details and output we can achieve through the use of 3d models and schedules.


Add dimensions to just about any detail and incorporate drawings into a presentable document.

Calculate rock formations and surface areas,

Schedule quantities of all coral species and planting, then reference costing as per suppliers stock lists.

3D print files, directly from our files. A convenient reference for on-site construction.

3D coral models, individually located within exhibit.

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